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MeliSEO offers end-to-end digital marketing services. Our online marketing services take into consideration the changing Google algorithms, the most recent being Google Panda, Penguin and the Hummingbird. We have evolved an SEO strategy that is customized as per the client’s business, and focuses equally on all forms of content - text, visual, audio and video.

As we understand, the challenges confronted by our SEO team have never been the same. Our experience in providing online marketing support to different industries has made us to understand the SEO needs of clients and offer quality and value-driven SEO solutions.

MeliSEO’s portfolio of SEO services includes,

  • Content strategy and content development
  • Developing content that is optimized for greater online visibility
  • Focus on all categories of content online – text, videos, info-graphics and audio
  • Developing content that presents the same appeal and readability across different operating systems and platforms
  • Creating a resounding brand image for your business online
  • Following an established and custom branding strategy that presents an interactive and conversational tone
  • Further freshness by frequent content updates and strong personalization

The three pillars of our SEO strategy are definitely, content, interactivity and interface. As per the recent trends, the visibility is for content in all forms – text, visual, audio and social media. With this focus in mind, our SEO professionals focus equally on developing custom content for on-page and off-page optimization. Developed around page specific and business related key-words, the content we offer adopts a conversational tone and promotes high readability.

In the present times, social media optimization (SMO) is everything. For individual or corporate, a strong presence on social media builds trust and confidence, and helps in creating a robust reputation management. MeliSEO helps the global corporate to establish a strong social media presence. Our social media services range from the creation of simple web pages on Facebook and Twitter, to helping businesses to leverage on paid ads on social media. We custom strategize and drive phenomenal value for our clients through our focused social media campaigns.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) helps clients to enjoy visibility, within a fraction of time. At MeliSEO, we build a specific SEM strategy for each business. For a start-up company, the component of paid search to organic search should be more, something around 80:20. The company starts receiving immediate visibility, with the spending is worth far lesser than the traffic and leads generated. Meanwhile, we equally focus on organic efforts to achieve a sustained and value-driven organic promotion.

Integral to our robust SEO process is the strong and dynamic measuring and analyzing process, as represented by Google Analytics. We send Analytics reports to clients, with details of visits, hits, bounces and geographical aspects related to the visitors. Analytics helps us to refine our SEO strategies, and re-define our focus on organic and paid search algorithms.

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